Slavic Artists client Tiana Upcheva spoke about her role in the agency and the role of Eva Markovic in The Ark series.

You are a member of the first talent agency established in Serbia – Slavic Artists Management. What are the advantages and benefits for you as an actress to be a part of a big family led by Nikola Kojo and Jonathan English?

– The existence of talent agencies is very important since the film and television world is a world of serious business. Like everywhere, you need a trustworthy person, a person who will manage the organizational side of your business and help you, you need a legal consultant. The contracts you sign can never be signed pro forma, there are negotiations, laws, individual requirements. And that must be approached very seriously. I am very happy to have my agent and the agency to stand behind me. I believe that we are a very good and well-coordinated team. Jonathan English and Nikola Kojo did a great thing opening Slavic Artists Management.

What role are you particularly proud of?

– Each of the projects I have done had a great importance in my career, but I am most proud of the role of Eva Marković. It’s my first role of such a serious capacity, which requires a lot of work in front of and behind the camera, and it’s fun to build such a personality. In addition, this project is accompanied by a team of great actors and, I can say now, also my friends, who challenge and push you as colleagues to give even more of yourself.

In “The Ark” series you play Eva Marković – the head of maintenance in the spaceship. How did she come to be Serbian?

– Eva Marković was created slowly, Dean Devlin, Jonathan Glasner and I gave her life. After the casting was completed, Dean and Jonathan, when they entrusted me with this role, decided that it would be best if she were not Russian, but Serbian. After four years of working in Serbia, they had the opportunity to get to know the Serbian people and to feel our mentality. They believed that this way I would be able to add more characteristics to the Eva character and fulfill her better.

How do you feel about being the first Serbian woman in space?

– I am privileged with the title of the first Serbian woman in space. After Eva Marković, we can no longer say that all Serbian characters in American cinematography are only presented as bad.

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Photo: Aleksandar Letić / Promo SYFY