Slavic Artists Management marks its third year of business

Slavic Artists Management, the first local and independent talent agency in Serbia, marked its third year of business. Founded in 2020, by domestic actor, producer and director Nikola Kojo and British producer Jonathan English, Slavic Artists agency organized the first celebration to honor domestic and international clients, as well as all of the artists who produce their works in the film industry.

The celebration began with an official address by the host, Jonathan English, who said:

“Tonight is to celebrate a venture that started over two years ago. The fact that so many people are here, just goes to show how fast things have moved and there’s a lot of people to thank for.” After thanking the producers and production companies who have worked with the agency since it started, English said: “Most importantly, we want to thank all the actors and actresses that chose to become clients. To all of you, who are here tonight, who shared the idea, who shared the dream. Without your loyalty, your support and continued commitment, none of this could have happened.”

The guests were then addressed by Nikola Kojo, who, referring to business in the film industry, said:

“Step by step, we came to better cooperation, then better quality and greater joy for everyone. That joy is the main goal of our life. I wish us all to continue to live and cooperate in joy.”

Slavic was entrusted with the first agency representation in our country, among many others, by: Miodrag Dragičević, Gordan Kičić, Miloš Petrović Trojpec, Petar Strugar, Jovan Jovanović, Vesna Trivalić, Branka Katić, Anđela Jovanović, Zoran Cvijanović, Jelena Gavrilović, Anita Ognjanović , Tamara Dragicevic.

In addition to a large selection of acting names, domestic directors such as Milan Konjević, Sandra Mitrović, Milan Todorović, Jelena Gavrilović and many others have also collaborated with Slavic.

Take a look at the photos from the Launch.